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About Me


Animal Lover

I grew up with dogs and my father trained Labs and Retrievers. I have received some education thru the Veterinary Assistant program at Austin Community College, with continued education at Austin Humane Society. Dogs are my favorite thing about life. My friends always laugh when I wave to dogs in cars or walking with their owners on the street. They provide constant comic relief, affection, and a wealth of knowledge. I strive to make each pet relaxed, happy and spoiled!

Senior Pet care

I especially love spoiling and caring for Senior pets. I am familiar with special-needs pets, and am comfortable administering medications and investing special time and care to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible. As a sad and unfortunate part of life, I am experienced in animal hospice and palliative care situations. It is the most precious honor to support and love a beloved pet during their final days and moments.


Pet Photography

I also enjoy pet photography, and capturing each animal in their true element. Whether they most enjoy brushings, cuddles, fetch, walks, or simply belly rubs or ear massages—I want my clients to know that their babies are content and at ease. I will be happy to send photos and video of your pet while you’re away!

Concierge Service

I know your animal friends have places to be! I'm happy to provide transport to vet appointments, grooming appointments and even special events for an additional fee. Want to have your furry friend in your wedding? I'll walk them down the aisle and be their date to one of the most important days of your life. 

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